Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Florida Dive in Day Promotes Important Industry Issues

Last week, DEMA sponsored "Dive in Day" at the Florida Capitol. The annual event provides Members the opportunity to visit the Capitol, showcase their diving-related products and services, and promote issues that are important to the scuba diving industry.
This year's Dive in Day at the Capitol hosted Florida's 160 legislators; the Governor and his staff; and hundreds of Florida visitors. The first floor of the Capitol was reserved by DEMA so Florida dive businesses had the opportunity to showcase Florida's recreational diving businesses. Among those attending were students from Covenant Christian School who had developed and demonstrated a lionfish trap for deployment in deep water, beyond recreational diving limits. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) co-located with DEMA's event, with FWC on the second floor of the Capitol Building, giving visitors the opportunity to try lionfish samples. Additionally, a mobile aquarium exhibition from the Gulf Specimen Lab was on display to demonstrate the perils caused by the number of lionfish invading Florida waters. DEMA Members and DEMA Staff also met with Florida state Senators and Representatives over the course of the event to discuss the lionfish issue. In addition to showcasing local businesses, DEMA distributed information to Legislators and visitors educating them on the size of the diving industry in Florida and its importance to jobs, tourism and the economy, with a focus on lionfish awareness.
Thank you to everyone who helped make this year's Dive in Day such a success! We appreciate your support!

Friday, February 2, 2018

DEMA Introduces 2018 Board of Directors

The results of DEMA's 2018 Board of Directors Election are in! Members of DEMA's 2018 Board of Directors include the following individuals:
A1-ManufacturingMike Hollis, Aqua Lung
Jenna Meistrell, Body Glove*
A2-Diver Certification and Training AgenciesDallas, Edmiston, NAUI
Kristin Valette-Wirth, PADI*
A3-Dive Publishing, Media, Consulting and Non-Retail Service ProvidersJerry Beaty, Dive Training Magazine*Dan Orr, Dan Orr Consulting
A4-RetailersPatrick Hammer, Scuba Emporium*Myra Kurn, Ocean Enterprises, Inc.
A5-Travel & ResortsStuart Cove, Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas
Tim Webb, Caradonna Dive Adventures*
*New/Re-elected members
In accordance with the DEMA Bylaws, Directors serve three-year terms. Additional information on DEMA's Board of Directors and Bylaws is available online.  The election was conducted by CPA firm, Gray, Proctor & McMannis, based in Newport Beach, CA. All A-category DEMA Members who had joined or renewed their DEMA Membership for 2018 by 1/15/18 were eligible to vote in this election. The final vote count is available for DEMA Members who are logged into the Members-Only Dashboard of
Congratulations to all of DEMA's Directors!  In the coming weeks, the Board will meet to conduct officer elections, form committees and select individuals to chair them.  Contact us at toll free (800) 862-DIVE (3483), (858) 616-6408 or if you have any questions or are interested in serving on one of the DEMA Board committees. Additional Committee information can be found online here. Thank you for your continued support!