Tuesday, May 19, 2015

DEMA Announces Exciting Details for the 2015 DEMA Awards Party

The 27th annual presentation of the prestigious Reaching Out Awards (ROA) will, once again, bring the Dive Industry together in celebration on November 6, 2015. This year’s Mardi Gras-themed DEMA Awards Party will take place at the Hard Rock Live Coliseum in Orlando, FL.  Attendees are encouraged to join in the festivities by dressing in their best Mardi Gras party attire! Mark your calendar for this evening of entertainment and celebration as we honor the extraordinary careers of the recipients of the 2015 DEMA Reaching Out Award and celebrate DEMA’s 40th year serving the Industry. 

Nominations for the 2015 Reaching Out Awards are currently being accepted until 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday, May 27, 2015 – Nominate a colleague today! First presented in 1989, the ROA honors leaders in the diving community whose significant contributions to the sport have elevated the industry on all levels. Areas of contribution have included equipment design, exploration, photography, publishing, retailing, science, training, travel and water safety. For details about nomination requirements and selection criteria, review the 2015 Reaching Out AwardNomination Form. This year’s recipients will be joining an extraordinary list of distinguished past Honorees.

Further information about the 2015 DEMA Awards Party including ticket pricing and event details are available on the DEMA Show website. Tickets will be available for purchase through the DEMA Show registration system when registration opens in the coming weeks. In the meantime, SAVE THE DATE!  Large groups can reserve VIP tables of 8 by contacting Colleen Vasquez at cvasquez@dema.org or (858) 616-6408 x106.  Unique sponsorship opportunities are also available.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

DEMA Requests Nominees for 2015 Reaching Out Awards

**Deadline to Submit Nomination Form is 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday, May 27, 2015**

DEMA is requesting nominations for the prestigious Reaching Out Award. Industry professionals are asked to consider nominating colleagues who have made the most positive contributions to the growth and sustainability of the Diving Industry, going beyond the norm of their day-to-day jobs and reaching out to make a difference for all. Nomination alone for this internationally recognized award is an achievement to be celebrated, and recipients are the true luminaries of the Industry. Acknowledging your colleague’s phenomenal influence on our Industry is a crucial part of carrying their legacy into the future in order to help our Industry grow and thrive.

Since 1989 the Reaching Out Award has been presented to individuals who have advanced the Industry in unique ways, often developing products, programs, services and events that changed diving for the better. Areas of contribution have included equipment design, exploration, photography, publishing, retailing, science, training, travel and water safety. For details about nomination requirements and selection criteria, review the 2015 Reaching Out Award Nomination Form.  All nominees must have been active in the Diving Industry for a minimum of 10 years and made a significant contribution to the sport of scuba diving.

Selected recipients are inducted into the Industry’s Hall of Fame as the leaders and heroes of our sport; the people who have helped make diving what it is today.  DEMA continues to honor recipients each year during the annual DEMA Show, including acknowledgment in the onsite Hall of Fame booth and during the Industry’s premiere networking event, The DEMA Awards Party. This year’s event will take place Friday, November 6th. Further details including ticket and table pricing as well as sponsorship opportunities can be found on the DEMA Show website.

Get started on your nominations now!  If you have any questions about submitting a Reaching Out Award nomination contact Joyce Washington at (858) 616-6408 x101 or jwashington@dema.org.  

UPDATE: DEMA Public Policy Alert - Department of Navy Rules for Diving on Sunken Military Vessels

In the spring of 2014, discussion took place among members of the diving community regarding a January 6, 2014Federal Register notice (beginning on page 620; 32 CFR Part 767; RIN 0703-AA90) pertaining to the ability of divers to access "sunken military vessels."  At that time, and on behalf of the industry, DEMA reached out to the Department of Navy (DoN) to determine the extent to which the provisions of this Federal Register would impact routine recreational scuba diving activities in or about sunken vessels/wrecks.  A copy of the request for clarification can beaccessed here.  In response to DEMA's request for clarification, DEMA received a favorable response from the DoN.

In particular, and on behalf of Dr. Robert Neyland, Head of the Naval History and Heritage Command, DEMA received a letter from Dr. J.B. Thomas, assuring DEMA and its Members that recreational divers diving in or near sunken military vessels were not the focus of the regulations.  The entirety of the Navy's response can be accessed here.  To summarize, the Navy advised DEMA:
  1. Diving on former Navy and ex-military vessels such as theOriskany, Vandenberg, Radford, Spiegel Grove, etc.,purposefully sunk to establish artificial reefs, is not an activity covered by the regulations because title to these vessels was expressly divested.  There are regulations that might apply from NOAA FKNMA, and at some time in the future the DoN and NOAA-FKNMA will be entering into a Memorandum of Understanding on their respective roles.  We will continue to monitor this process as it develops.
  2. Diving near and around sunken military craft is not prohibited.  A permit would be required only if the diver intended to disturb, remove, or injure a sunken military craft or terrestrial military craft.  Only intentional or negligent actions that disturb the craft would be considered as violations of the Act.  We expect that at some time in the future additional regulations or clarifications will be published to effectuate the DoN position on this issue.
Recent rumors that sport divers were being banned from diving on military shipwrecks or wrecks that had any affiliation with the military are not accurate. However, removing artifacts from military shipwrecks is prohibited without a permit.  DEMA will continue its interaction with the DoN, the NOAA-FKNMA, and their partners and monitor this process of developing regulations.  To date the clarifications provided have confirmed that reasonable and responsible diving activities near to and around sunken military craft can continue. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Snorkeling Safety & Preparation Poster from DEMA Provides Helpful Tips for Your Snorkeling Customers

DEMA has released a new poster aimed at boosting preparedness for a snorkeling adventure and provides tips for your customers to make the most of their experience. The complimentary poster is available online now for DEMA Members to print or share with their local and online communities.

“Many tourists enjoy the idea of snorkeling from a tropical beach or from a tour boat and one of our goals in producing this poster is to remind them of the opportunity to visit a local dive center and learn to safely make the most of their time in the water. Snorkeling is a fun activity, but participants can get so much more from the experience with a little professional dive center advice,” commented Tom Ingram, Executive Director of DEMA.

Snorkelers are encouraged to visit a local dive center to get properly fitted for a mask, snorkel and fins as well as to inquire about local conditions, access points, and snorkeling techniques.

The safety poster is part of DEMA’s ongoing efforts to increase snorkeler and diver awareness of safety measures when participating in these activities. The poster is available on www.dema.org to be viewed, shared and downloaded. The poster will also be promoted online via the DEMA, Be A Diver and DiveCaching Twitter and Facebook pages.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

DEMA Requests Your Input and Engagement at the Beneath the Sea Show on Sunday, March 29th at 10:00 A.M.

** Creating a Shared Vision for the Future **
Join Tom Ingram, Executive Director of DEMA, for a discussion session at Beneath the Sea in Secaucus, NJ on March 29th.  This is an opportunity for you to help DEMA better understand the issues and challenges that the Diving Industry and DEMA will be facing over the next 24-36 months. 
Since 2011, DEMA has been gathering feedback from Industry Professionals  and diving consumers at different brainstorming sessions to help guide the direction of the Association.  The input and ideas generated at these session have been vital  in the DEMA Board of Directors’ ongoing decision making process with many of the suggestions made by attendees at previous sessions having been implemented.  Now DEMA wants to understand more about how Industry stakeholders see the future, how they see DEMA’s current issues, and listen to ideas for how the Association can become more effective in promoting Industry growth.  This session is designed to get feedback on the current “orthodoxies” that may be holding both the Association and Industry back from continued growth.
DEMA’s Board of Directors is looking for your ideas. Please plan to attend this important discussion session at BTS!  DEMA encourages all Industry Professionals to join us on Sunday, March 29 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Meadowlands Exposition Center to continue the discussion.

  • When?  Sunday, March 29, 2015 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • Where?  2nd Floor, Press Room at Beneath the Sea
  • Who?  All Dive Industry Professionals are welcome

If you have any questions please contact DEMA at (858) 616-6408 or Tom Ingram directly at tingram@dema.org. DEMA extends its appreciation to Beneath the Sea for co-sponsoring this session.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

DEMA Board of Directors Elects Officers and Establishes Committees for 2015

DEMA’s Board of Directors met in early March 2015 to strategize ways to help grow our Industry and welcome thenewly elected members of the DEMA Board of Directors.  An important outcome of the meeting was the election of Board Officers and the formation of seven committees and the selection of individuals to chair them.

DEMA’s 2015 Board of Director Officers include:
  • Tim Webb, President
  • Dan Orr, Senior Vice President
  • Darcy Kieran, Vice President
  • Tom Leaird, Treasurer
  • Werner Kurn, Secretary

Each Board Member can volunteer to work in various Committees based upon their areas of expertise and interests. Committees are tactical and the goals of Committees include creating new ideas, improving current programs and benefits, clarifying or resolving pending issues and soliciting feedback from Industry stakeholders.  Once data and other information is gathered, the details are provided to the Board at large to aid in strategic decision-making. 

The Committees established and those who will chair them for 2015 are as follows:

DEMA Show Committee
Jenny Collister*, Chair
Finance Committee
Tom Leaird, Chair
Public Policy Committee Recommendations
Jeff Nadler*, Chair
Research Committee
William Cline, Chair
Retailer Resource Committee
Scott Taylor*, Chair
Manufacturers’ Committee
Scott Daley, Chair
Consumer Marketing Committee
Kristin Valette, Chair

*Not a current Board Member.

Additional Committee information is available online. More information on DEMA’s Board of Directors and Bylaws is available on the DEMA website. Complete minutes from past Board of Directors Meetings are available to current DEMA Members from the Member Dashboard of www.dema.org

Scuba Diving Promoted on Nine Different News Stations to Over 825,000 Households in the First Quarter of 2015 Alone Thanks to the Traveling Be A Diver Pool Tour

**Five Events in Two Months Provide Opportunities for Retail Dive Center Participants from California to Tennessee**
Big Wave Dave Reidenbach and the traveling Be A Diver Pool Tour have traveled from California to Tennessee in the first quarter of 2015 to bring the try diving experience to hundreds of event participants and into the homes of tens of thousands television viewers. The Tour’s 2015 stops to date have included the Travel & Adventure Shows in San Diego and Los Angeles, CA and Sportshows in Nashville, TN; Chicago, IL; and Kansas City, MO. Thanks to the PR received by the Pool, the Industry was exposed to over 825,000 audited viewer impressions.
Scuba Diving was highlighted as one of the top activities show attendees should try and the unique Be A Diver try diving experience and scuba diving were featured on news stations KSHB-NBCKSWB-FOXKNSD-NBC, WRTV-FOX, WTVF-Nashville News, KUSI-San Diego News, KGTV-ABC and XETV- CW and The Dolly McCarthy Radio Show.Coverage included reporters broadcasting from the Pool and interviewing “Big Wave” Dave to discuss the try diving experience, top dive spots for local diving and dive travel as well as diver safety.
“Exhibiting at the Progressive Boat and Sportshows and the Travel & Adventure Shows has given us a great opportunity to introduce scuba diving to people, and have attendees connect with local dive retailers who can assist with completing their dive certification,” commented “Big Wave” Dave Reidenbach, Pool Tour Coordinator for DEMA. “The Pool can be the introduction people need to develop a lifelong passion for the sport.”

According to Rich Holladay, “Waterdogs Scuba & Safety was proud to be part of the Be A Diver exhibit at the Nashville Boat and Sport Show.  Even though we are actually located about an hour away, we were really able to connect with a target audience of nautically inclined customers.  Several participants even mentioned they came to the show just to try Scuba Diving.” Rich further explained, “Even with this extremely harsh local winter, the Be A Diver pool already benefitted our business.  Due to contact and trial at the Show, we have already certified one military veteran and three other Scouts are almost complete with training.  None of these were really aware there was local diving available.  THE BE A DIVER POOL FIXED THAT!  Thank you for your outreach with this program and it does make a difference.”

The Be A Diver Pool Tour will continue to travel to these large scale venues to provide consumers with the opportunity to try diving. Retailers who are interested in participating in a scheduled Pool stop or who may be aware of an event with potential for attracting new divers are encouraged to contact Dave Reidenbach at (920) 205-3657 or bigwavedave@dema.org. There are also a variety of different sponsorships available to those interested and detailed information about the various sponsorship packages available can be found in the Be A Diver Pool Prospectus or by contacting Dave Reidenbach.
Making stops throughout the year at various consumer-oriented travel, outdoor activity and adventure shows, the Be A Diver Pool gives anyone 10 years old and up the opportunity to discover the fun and exciting sport of scuba diving for FREE in the comfort of a large, tropically warm Pool. Event attendees are also able to test out some of the latest scuba equipment and have a photo of themselves taken underwater that can act as an everlasting keepsake. Those who take the plunge need not to worry about getting wet, since the Be A Diver Pool provides wetsuits, towels, hair dryers and dressing rooms.