Friday, January 20, 2017

DEMA Sponsored Education Sessions Now Available Online!

DEMA Show Attendees who purchased a DEMA Show Seminar Package now have access to all 24 video recordings of the DEMA Sponsored Education Sessions. These recorded sessions are the perfect opportunity to revisit your favorite session or watch one you weren't able to attend. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

DEMA's Post-Show Surveys Help Improve DEMA Show for Years to Come

**DEMA Show 2016 Attendees and Exhibitors are Asked to Provide Feedback on Their Show Experience**
Every year, DEMA Show provides numerous opportunities for Attendees and Exhibitors to do great business together by providing hundreds of exhibits, products, services, educational sessions and more. Now, DEMA is asking for DEMA Show Attendees and Exhibitors to provide their feedback and ideas to help take DEMA Show to the next level! 
Input from Attendees and Exhibitors is invaluable as it helps the Association create a better Show in the years to come. Past feedback has helped guide the Association when developing features and content, evaluating speakers and contractors and choosing housing, transportation and other venue offerings. DEMA asks all 2016 Attendees and Exhibitors to complete the Post-DEMA Show Survey via the links below:
DEMA Show 2016 Attendees are invited to provide their feedback on the Show here:
DEMA Show 2016 Exhibitors are also invited to provide their feedback on the Show here:
Deadline to submit your feedback is January 31, 2017. All participants who complete the survey and provide complete contact information will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card and receive a DEMA Show 2016 t-shirt (while supplies last; one shirt per respondent). Those providing their home address will be entered into a second drawing for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card.
As a non-profit organization, DEMA uses the resources generated by DEMA Show to fund research, legislative scanning and advocacy, education and more.  DEMA extends its THANKS to the entire Industry for helping to make DEMA Show a continuing success! DEMA Show will return to Orlando, FL in 2017 from November 1-4. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

DEMA Thanks the Diving Industry for their Participation in DEMA Show 2016

** Thousands of Industry Professionals from Every Segment of the Diving Industry Came Together at Trade-Only Show to Buy, Learn and Collaborate **

DEMA is pleased to say THANK YOU to the more than 9,500 pre-qualified dive professionals who registered for DEMA’s 40th annual DEMA Show, and more than 600 exhibiting companies who made DEMA Show successful.  The trade-only Show was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV from November 16th to 19th, 2016.   
DEMA Show 2016 provided many opportunities for Attendees and Exhibitors to do great business together by providing hundreds of exhibits, products, services, educational sessions and more.  Verified attendance figures, which are obtained from electronic scans of Attendee and Exhibitor badges, confirm that over 8,200 Industry Professionals entered and participated in the Show during its four days. The Show’s long-standing credentialing process established by the Board of Directors, helped confirm that the Show maintained a trade-only atmosphere, welcoming highly qualified Buyers and Influencers.
During the four days of DEMA Show 2016, Exhibitors hosted thousands of Attendees in their booths to showcase their latest products, programs and services.  DEMA’s video production partner, 506 Studio, has captured the excitement of the action-packed days of DEMA Show 2016 in a series of videos highlighting the Show.  In honor of the Show’s 40th Anniversary, all Attendees and Exhibitors were asked to “Share Your Story.” Participants were interviewed on camera to share their first and favorite DEMA Show moments. More than 160 stories were shared and captured during this year’s event.
DEMA extends its THANKS to the entire Industry for the continuing success of DEMA Show! Looking toward the future, DEMA Show will be returning to Orlando, FL from November 1-4 in 2017. DEMA continues to look at additional venues for future shows, using key factors of Exhibitor and Attendee cost and venue availability.  A complete overview of how DEMA Show venues are selected is available here.
Funds raised through DEMA Show (and all events produced by DEMA) are used to help the industry, including monitoring legislation, advocating for environmental and economic issues, promoting recreational diving, keeping dive sites open and accessible to divers, providing DEMA-Member access to benefit programs such as the promotional program Go Dive Now, and conducting research on behalf of the Industry.  With this year’s strong DEMA Show participation, DEMA can continue its mission of bringing businesses together to grow the diving industry.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

2017 DEMA Board of Directors Election Deadlines Announced

** Ballot packets have been mailed to all current 2017 DEMA Members **
DEMA has announced that its 2017 Board of Directors election will take place from December 19, 2016 to January 27, 2017. All 2017 DEMA Members are eligible to vote – join DEMA by 4:00pm Pacific Time on January 6, 2017 to become eligible to participate in the 2017 Board of Directors Election.
DEMA's 2017 Board of Directors Election candidates are: 
  • Category A1 – Manufacturers, Distributors and Affiliated Field/Sales Representatives:
    • Mike Hollis, Aqua Lung
  • Category A2 – Diver Certification and Training Agencies, and Affiliated Field/Sales Representative:
    • Dallas Edmiston, NAUI
  • Category A3 – Dive Publishing, Media, Dive Industry Consulting, Associations & Non-Retail Service Providers:
    • Linda Sue Dingel, Bonnier Corporation
    • Dan Orr, Dan Orr Consulting
  • Category A4 – Retail Distribution of Diving Goods & Services:
    • Bill Cole, Sea Experience
    • Davis Graham, Texas Dive Center
    • Pat  Hammer, Scuba Emporium
    • Myra Kurn, Ocean Enterprises, Inc.
·        Category A5 – Dive Travel Provider or Resort:  
    • Jenny Collister, Reef & Rainforest Dive & Adventure Travel
    •  Stuart Cove, Stuart Cove's Dive Bahama
All A-category DEMA Members who pay their 2017 dues by 4:00PM Pacific Time on January 6, 2017 will be eligible to vote in this election.  DEMA encourages Members to consider each candidate carefully and to vote for the candidate in each category that meets industry needs as perceived by the individual Member.   
For membership information please contact or (858) 616-6408. In accordance with the DEMA Bylaws, Directors serve three-year terms.  Click here for more information on DEMA's Board of Directors and Bylaws. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

DEMA Activates Disaster Assistance Program to Aid Show Exhibitors & Buyers Impacted by Hurricanes Matthew and Nicole

**Funds Available to Assist DEMA Member Exhibitors and Buyers of DEMA Show 2016 **
The Diving Equipment & Marketing Association (DEMA) announced on October 18, 2016 that the DEMA Board of Directors has approved the activation of the Disaster Assistance Program to assist DEMA-Member Show Exhibitors and Buyers impacted by Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Nicole.

DEMA’s Disaster Assistance Program was first created in 2004 and has been used when DEMA-Member companies are impacted by natural disasters which may interfere with their ability to promote their businesses, products, services and destinations.  The funds have also been set aside to assist DEMA-Member retailers to make sure that they can continue their operations.  As funds are limited, in this instance, DEMA has earmarked them specifically for DEMA-Member companies that planned to exhibit or buy at DEMA Show 2016 but which were subsequently impacted by these two large storms. Funds are provided to Exhibitors, in the affected areas, based on their exhibit size, and to Buyers in the impacted areas who attend DEMA Show and stay in a DEMA block hotel.

Exhibitors from the affected areas outlined below are eligible to apply for the funds to help them get to the trade show. Buyers who planned to attend DEMA Show can also apply for funds to assist in staying onsite at DEMA Show. 

"The DEMA Disaster Assistance Program funds are available to DEMA-Member manufacturers, destinations and other industry-related entities to aid them in getting to and exhibiting at DEMA Show 2016,” said Tom Ingram, Executive Director of DEMA.  “Registered Buyers from DEMA Member businesses who are staying in the DEMA hotel block are also eligible for funds to assist in attending DEMA Show, so they can buy the products and services they need to keep their businesses in operation.”

Exhibitor Assistance Program: DEMA’s Disaster Assistance Program funds are available to DEMA-Member Exhibitors who were fully paid by September 23, 2016, and physically located in the following places: 
  • Aruba (Hurricane Matthew)
  • Bahamas – all islands (Hurricane Matthew)
  • Bermuda (Hurricane Nicole)
  • Bonaire and Klein Bonaire (Hurricane Matthew)
  • Curacao (Hurricane Matthew)
  • Florida (Hurricane Matthew) – locations from a line north of and including Palm Bay, Florida and east of I-95.
  • Georgia (Hurricane Matthew) – locations east of I-95
  • South Carolina (Hurricane Matthew) – locations east of I-95
  • North Carolina (Hurricane Matthew) – locations east of I-95
For affected Exhibitors, each exhibit space purchased and paid for by September 23, 2016, DEMA will provide regular Exhibitors with $US 400.00 in assistance.  Funds will be awarded onsite at DEMA Show 2016 to the exhibiting companies who apply and fall within the guidelines deeming them eligible for assistance. Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis up to the maximum available from the DEMA disaster assistance fund.   All interested parties must apply for the assistance funds on site at DEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV prior to close of DEMA Show on Friday November 18, 2016. For more information and to receive a DEMA 2016 Disaster Assistance Fund Processing form, see the DEMA Staff at the DEMA Booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. The complete rules for disbursements will be available at the DEMA Booth.

Attendee Assistance Program:  Designed for DEMA Member Buyers who are registered for the Show and staying in the official DEMA Show hotel block (Westgate Hotel, 3000 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109), one registered Buyer from an attending DEMA Member business physically located in the affected areas can receive reimbursement for one night hotel stay in the DEMA hotel block which takes place by midnight eastern time, November 18, 2016. The complete rules for disbursements will be available at the DEMA Booth.

Designated disaster areas eligible for funds include:
  • Aruba (Hurricane Matthew)
  • Bahamas – all islands (Hurricane Matthew)
  • Bermuda (Hurricane Nicole)
  • Bonaire and Klein Bonaire (Hurricane Matthew)
  • Curacao (Hurricane Matthew)
  • Florida (Hurricane Matthew) – locations from a line north of and including Palm Bay and east of I-95.
  • Georgia (Hurricane Matthew) – locations east of I-95
  • South Carolina (Hurricane Matthew) – locations east of I-95
  • North Carolina (Hurricane Matthew) – locations east of I-95
The designated Buyer from an affected DEMA Member must apply for the disaster funds through the DEMA Office prior to close of business on December 2, 2016 and present the receipt for the hotel stay.   Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis up to the maximum of the DEMA disaster assistance fund.  Exhibitors are not eligible for hotel reimbursement assistance under this program, but can receive Exhibitor Assistance as described above.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Millions of Potential New Divers Reached with Go Dive Now, DEMA’s Newest Consumer Marketing Campaign

DEMA’s Go Dive Now program and advertising campaign has reached millions of potential divers since its May 2016 debut and continues to deliver outstanding results.  Since the launch in May, has received more than 106,000 page visits (58% of which were new visitors), and the Dive Store Locator feature has been used more than 33,400 times to find DEMA Member retail dive centers across the US. Social media and YouTube continue to have impressive results as well, reaching over 3.8 million potential customers through Facebook and Instagram combined, and accumulating more than 181,000 video views on YouTube.
On May 24, 2016, DEMA launched the Go Dive Now consumer marketing campaign, which utilizes Facebook, YouTube and pay-per-click advertising, focused on connecting targeted consumers with their local retail dive center and dive vacation destinations through the locators hosted on The website also highlights the many benefits of diving, and eases barriers to entry by offering information and resources for potential new divers.  In the four months since its launch, the campaign has seen significant results with traffic from paid and organic sources driving potential divers to the website to learn more about the sport.
Since its launch, has had over 106,000 page visits. The website provides potential divers with a wealth of information to help them learn more about diving. Site features include the professional dive center locator, listings of DEMA Member international vacation destinations, FAQ’s, videos, and ways to connect with other divers through social media.
Go Dive Now’s campaign videos are also making quite an impression. The campaign’s “Learn to Dive” campaign video, released on YouTube in June has received over 122,000 views to date, and since it was uploaded on August 10, “Dive Into a Bigger World,” has already been viewed on YouTube over 48,000 times.
Beyond the website, Go Dive Now is utilizing social media to build awareness, generate interest in scuba diving with non-diving consumers, and drive visitors to Social media continues to be the most influential source in driving traffic to the website, accounting for 55% of new visitors visiting
A significant benefit to DEMA Retail Members, paid Facebook ads are targeting relevant neighborhoods located nearest to individual DEMA Member retail stores. In effect, DEMA is advertising to potential consumers for Member stores!  If your retail dive store is not a DEMA Member already, now is the time to become a 2016 DEMA Member to make sure potential new consumers near your location are being reached by the campaign.
More than a way to drive just certifications, Go Dive Now utilizes industry research to locate and target households with adults and children in the age range for certification.  These are audiences that are most likely to fully engage in all aspects of recreational diving, including buying equipment, diving locally and buying dive travel. Go Dive Now is expected to be a multi-year campaign.  By working with many different stakeholders in the industry, Go Dive Now has been and will continue to be, a collaborative effort amongst industry members through the gathering of marketing insight, coming together for brainstorming sessions, and sharing media files for promotional efforts.
Visit to learn more; follow @GoDiveNow on FacebookTwitter and Instagram; and use hashtag #GoDiveNow with all your scuba-related social media posts!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

With the 2016/2017 CA Spiny Lobster Season Approaching, DEMA’s PSA Materials Aim to Keep Divers Safe

California’s 2016/2017 Spiny Lobster Season begins on October 1, 2016. In an effort to increase diver safety and prepare divers in advance of the season, DEMA is circulating its California Spiny Lobster Season Public Service Announcement(PSA) and printable visual aid. The PSA materials are part of DEMA’s ongoing efforts to encourage divers to refresh their training and maintain their equipment prior to getting back in the water. DEMA Members are encouraged to share the visual reminders with their customers and community to spread this important and timely message.
The video PSA is available in English and Spanish, as well as in 30-second and 15-second formats.  All four versions of the PSA can be viewed online hereIn addition to the video PSAs, DEMA’s California Spiny Lobster Season printable visual aid is available to be viewed, shared and downloaded to encourage safe diving. DEMA Members are asked to print the California Spiny Lobster Season visual aid and display it in the store, distribute it to their customers, and share it electronically, along with the video PSAs, with their own online community. The video PSA and printable visual aids will also be promoted via the DEMA and Go Dive Now social media pages to encourage divers to refresh their training and maintain their equipment prior to start of the season.
Complete information and regulations for the 2016/2017 California Spiny Lobster Season are available on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website.