Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Website Launched For Water, Sports & Travel Festival Provides Valuable Information on Festival Details Including Exhibitor List, Schedule and More
DEMA has launched the website for the highly anticipated 2013 Water, Sports & Travel Festival which will take place April 26-28, 2013 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The Festival encompasses a series of events for water sports enthusiasts interested in an active lifestyle and participating in water-based sports. By bringing together many water sports disciplines – whether on the water, in the water or over the water – the Festival hopes to encourage future consumer growth and interest in these areas. The WSTFest website provides exhibitors with a wealth of information on the Festival, including updated exhibitor listings, schedule details and more. Visit the website to learn more.
The WSTFest website makes it easy for companies from all water sports activities  to participate in the Festival including water sports retailers, manufacturers, clubs/organizations, recreational diving retailers and travel destinations. The Festival is a great way to showcase the latest products/gear to potential new customers, recruit new buyers or inspire visitors with an active lifestyle message, thus increasing the growth and interest in these sports and lifestyles. Included on the website is information to help those interested in participating learn more and get involved with the Festival:
EXHIBITORS can find information on exhibit space, a Festival floor plan, listing of other exhibitors and manage their own account.
A SCHEDULE OF EVENTS is listed with both pre-Show and Show attractions and activities. The activities scheduled cover a wide range of interests including contests, in-water demonstrations, DiveCaching activities, live music, a lion fish round up and cook-off, demonstrations/shows and much more.
MEDIA CONTACTS can find press releases concerning the Festival and the designated contact for all press-related questions.
HOTEL INFORMATION and rates are listed along with other nearby options.
Additional information aimed directly at Festival Attendees will be integrated into the site as the Festival approaches. Exhibitors and Attendees are encouraged to connect with the Festival on Facebook and Twitter.
DEMA will continue to provide information on the Water, Sports & Travel Festival to the entire industry as plans unfold via the DEMA website, Festival website, weekly DEMAILs, social media sites, DEMA blog and other outlets. 
The Water, Sports & Travel Festival is presented by DEMA in partnership with the Association of Wind & Water Sports Industries (AWSI), American Canoe Association (ACA), Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA), Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, Handicapped Scuba Association (HSA), Kite World Magazine, South Florida Underwater Photography Society (SFUPS) and X-Ray Magazine.

Monday, December 17, 2012

How I (Accidentally) Accessed a Former Employer’s Twitter Account Without Their Password

Guest Blogger: Rachelle Morris, DEMA Membership Marketing & Communications Coordinator

I wanted to share a recent experience with you all in hopes that it might shed some light on the importance of managing your accounts and protecting your social media identity.

I don’t know about you, but between my personal and work logins, I have far too many username/password combinations in my head to keep them all straight. I was recently trying to log into my personal Twitter account, but since I haven’t been logged in for quite some time, I was having a difficult time remembering the correct login combination. So I proceeded with the “forgot username and password” process.

What happened next literally left my mouth dropped. I had the option to enter in my phone number as a way of gaining access to the account that was associated with that phone number. Immediately thereafter, I received a text that included a code to help me log back in. At this point I had just assumed this was my personal Twitter that it was helping me log into – but I was never asked to verify any of the account information….Before I realized it, I found myself staring at a Twitter account dashboard that wasn’t mine. In fact, it was worse: I had inadvertently logged into a former employer’s Twitter account – all without ever entering the current username and password!!!

How is that possible?! Here’s how:

It looks like the new social media manager at the former employer had gone in and updated the account with all her new information and I would assume she changed the password as well.

HOWEVER, what she failed to do was check out the MOBILE tab under the Settings tab. If she had, she would have seen my phone number was still listed as the phone that could access the account and Tweet on behalf of the account.

Lucky for them, I am not a disgruntled ex-employee out for revenge. Had I been, I could have done some SERIOUS damage to their online reputation and relationships. Instead, I quickly deleted my information from the account and signed out.

Please, please, please – make sure you are keeping a close eye on all of your accounts. I would suggest it as good practice to change passwords whenever someone leaves the company and had access to ANY account. And be sure to go through ALL the account settings to be absolutely sure they have been completely removed.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

DS12 – What a Show!

Guest Blogger: Rachelle Morris, DEMA Membership Marketing & Communications Coordinator

The past month has been a complete whirlwind. Having attended my very first DEMA Show, I am even more impressed with the professionalism of the Diving Industry! What a fun, intelligent, passionate and welcoming group of people! I met so many incredible individuals and can’t wait to see you all again in Florida for DEMA Show 2013!

Being this was my first Show, I quite honestly didn’t know what to expect. One of the Show features I was most excited about was the opportunity to attend educational seminars and learn from experts of their field. Being the social media fiend that I am, I was eager to attend Evolving Social Media Realities: What You Need to Know with Jason Heller, CEO, Agiliti. He was such an engaging speaker and had so many great ideas; I couldn’t help but take feverish notes so I could share some of them with all of you!

Facebook & Exposure
Did you know that only 15% of your followers ever actually see the content your business or brand page posts? Much of this is due to a complicated algorithm that determines who sees what. The whole thing is -quite honestly- beyond my understanding, but there are apps and programs that can help make it easy for those of us that “don’t do numbers.” Jason spoke about EdgeRank Checker, which is described on their website as “an algorithm that ranks objects in the Facebook News Feed. Pages with high EdgeRank Scores will be more likely to show up in the news feed, than Pages with low EdgeRank Scores.”

With EdgeRank Checker’s free plan, you have access to information like your EdgeRank score, the best average day of the week, worst average day of the week and more. And of course the paid PRO plan has even more insightful data for you to refer to like post grading, industry report, best day + best time + best keyword, and more.

With this sort of information you can leverage your content and maximize your Facebook exposure by ensuring you are posting during the ideal time, on the best days of the week, and using content and keywords that are most likely to drive engagement.

Be sure to check out EdgeRank Checker to see how the free or PRO plans can help you maximize your Facebook efforts!

Track Your Brand
Curious to know what people are saying about you, your business, or brand online? Socialmention* is a great, FREE tool that can help you do just that! You can even use it to see what people are saying about your competition. ;)

How Are My Tweets Doing?
I love Jason’s suggestion for a program that can help track your Twitter analytics: Crowdbooster provides you information on your retweets, impressions, replies, follower growth, influential followers, top retweeters, mentions, and more. What I appreciate is that you can switch between displaying information in table or graph form. Being a visual learner, I love the information being provided in a graph so I can quickly see how our Tweets are doing.

After setting up my account, Crowdbooster sent me an email informing me of the 3 best times to schedule tweets for today. LOVE IT!

Give some of these programs a peak and see if they would be a good fit for you and your social media efforts. The added work can certainly pay off as you start to see increased engagement.

And if you know of any other good resources, please share them here!

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Friday, November 30, 2012

DEMA Thanks the Recreational Diving Industry for Their Participation in DEMA Show 2012

DEMA is pleased to say THANK YOU to the more than 9,800 pre-qualified dive professionals who registered for DEMA Show 2012, and the 600+ exhibiting companies who made DEMA Show successful. The sold out trade-only show was held at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV from November 14th to 17th.

Funds raised through DEMA Show (and all events produced by DEMA) are used to promote recreational diving, keep dive sites open, provide DEMA-Member access to benefit programs such as health insurance and worker’s compensation insurance, monitor legislative activity and advocate for diving with lawmakers, and conduct research on behalf of the Industry. With this year’s increased DEMA Show participation, DEMA can continue its mission of promoting sustainable growth in safe recreational diving and snorkeling while protecting the underwater environment.

DEMA Show 2012 encouraged attendees to find new ways to take control of their business by providing hundreds of exhibits, products, services, educational sessions and more. Opening day commenced at 10:00 am on November 14th with more than 6,700 professionals on hand for the first day’s activities, including buyers, travel buyers, instructors and other dive professionals from all over the world. Comparative attendance figures confirm that more than 8,300 were on-site over the four-day Show period, with more than 900 registering on-site during the first day alone – a 2.5% increase over the previous Las Vegas-based DEMA Show and a 5.6% increase over the 2011 Orlando-based DEMA Show. Most importantly, the Show credentialing process helps keep the Show a true trade-only event, welcoming highly qualified Buyers.
Exhibitors such as Atomic, Body Glove, Cressi, Mares and MANY more hosted hundreds of attendees in their booths to showcase their latest products and service offerings. DEMA’s partner, Border Cross Productions, has captured the excitement of the action-packed days of DEMA Show 2012 in a series of videos located on the Be A Diver YouTube Channel.

During the Annual Member Meeting, attendees learned about the many accomplishments made by the Association over the past year and the goals being set for 2013. Included were details on the highly anticipated 2013 Water, Sports & Travel Festival which is aimed to reach out to water-sports enthusiasts and expose them to recreational diving. For details visit

Media coverage by Fox-5 KVVU-TV and photos from the Show are available online and those who use social media sites, Instagram or Twitter are encouraged to use the hashtag #DEMAShow as they upload photos or share stories from their DEMA Show 2012 experience.

DEMA extends its THANKS to the entire Industry for the continuing success of DEMA Show!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Instagram, Hashtags and First DEMA Show…OH MY!

Guest Blogger: Rachelle Morris, DEMA Membership Marketing & Communications Coordinator

The DEMA Show countdown clock at the DEMA Association office is finally in the single digits. DEMA Show is upon us! I am so excited to see what all the buzz is about, finally put faces to the voices on the phone, and meet the many Members I have worked with over the past seven months.

Since the moment I first started working for DEMA, the passion of Industry professionals has been so evident. Diving professionals LOVE their sport, love the underwater world, and love sharing it with others. Your passion is contagious and your drive to not only be successful, but keep the sport and Industry alive is awe-inspiring. I couldn’t be more excited to be part of it all and experience where it all comes together: DEMA Show.

As a DEMA Show newbie, I will be busy documenting every new experience with my handy-dandy smartphone. Which means for all you Instagram lovers, I will be sharing insider photos from the Show, Awards party, seminars, and shenanigans happening all around Vegas. Follow “DEMAShow” on Instagram to see it all go down. Follow “DEMAOrg” on Instagram for other Industry and Association news! 

Wait – did that link just direct me to DEMA’s Instagram profile ON THE WEB?? 

Why, yes it most certainly did and it’s because on Monday, November 5th, Instagram officially launched online profiles. For businesses and brands this means that followers don’t need a smartphone anymore to access and follow your photo stream. Learn more about your online profile here.

If YOU are on Instagram, we invite you to share your experience with everyone by including #DEMAShow in your DEMA Show photo descriptions. When someone searches “DEMAShow” they will be able to see what you are up to thanks to this hashtag! (But please, out of respect for the marvelous innovators, do not take and share photos of the new product showcase and technical product showcase.)

So, at this point I will have to bid you adieu. Happy travels and I will see you in Vegas!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jimmy Buffett Voices DEMA Public Service Announcement

DEMA and Save the Manatee today released a Public Service Announcement (PSA), aimed at increasing awareness of the need to protect the manatees. Often referred to as Florida’s mermaids, the PSA provides tips on how to enjoy but not endanger these gentle giants and was released in support of the State of Florida’s November Manatee Awareness Month.
“Preventing the risk of extinction of manatees due to human related encounters is critical to all of us in the dive industry who have enjoyed snorkeling and diving with these majestic marine mammals,” said Tom Ingram, Executive Director of DEMA. “DEMA feels privileged to work with Jimmy Buffett and the Save the Manatee Club on this important endeavor.”
The :30 Public Service Announcement, narrated by Jimmy Buffett, provides divers and snorkelers with fundamental knowledge on how they can keep the manatees safe and highlights the rules of sharing Florida's oceans, rivers and springs with Florida’s official marine mammal.  The PSA is available online on the Be A Diver YouTube channel and viewers are encouraged to share the Public Service Announcement with others. The 30-second PSA is also being distributed to Florida television stations during the month of November.
Manatee Awareness Month was created to expand efforts to raise awareness about the presence of manatees in Florida's waters and to reach more people in Florida and outside the state about how to prevent harm to the manatees. You can find more detailed information about Save the Manatee and how you can help at

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tips and Tricks at DEMA Show

There is so much awaiting you at DEMA Show in Las Vegas next week!  These helpful tips and tricks, both on and off the Show floor, can help you make the most of your experience:
Show-Only Specials and Phone App:
Before you head to the Show, find exclusive exhibitor show specials online to help you plan a valuable experience. While onsite at the Show, be sure to use ChirpE on your Smart Phones. This site allows you to review booth listings, show specials and even the floorplan directly from your phone as you peruse the Show floor.  Don’t forget – You can receive a $50 American Express gift card for buying at DEMA Show 2012!
Shuttle Service:
Shuttle service will be provided to those staying in the official DEMA hotel block at Harrah’s Las Vegas. The shuttle service will run between Harrah’s and the Sands Expo & Convention Center Wednesday, November 14 – Saturday, November 17. A Harrah’s room key will be required to board the shuttle.

Shuttle service WILL NOT be available directly from the Flamingo, but those staying in the official DEMA hotel block at the Flamingo are welcome to walk over and board the shuttle at Harrah’s. Your Flamingo room key will be required to board the shuttle.
The complete service schedule is listed on the DEMA Show website.
Tram and Scooter Service:
Tram service will not be provided at DEMA Show 2012. If you require assistance, scooters and wheel chairs are available at the Business Center in the lower lobby or can be reserved in advance by contacting Active Mobility at (702) 736-4399.
Food Court:
The food court located on the Venetian Casino Level, closest to the front desk area, will be closed for renovation during DEMA Show 2012. We wanted to bring this to your attention so you can plan accordingly during DEMA Show. The food court located in the Grand Cannel Shops, on the second floor, will still be open and available as well as Café Presse which is located across from the Venetian Showroom as you enter or exit the corridor to the Sands Expo Convention Center. Click here for a map of the property. (Items 46-50 will be under renovation. Items 184-192 will be available.)
Concessions will also be available directly on the DEMA Show floor for those looking for quick and convenient options.
DEMA Member & VIP Member Lounges
All 2012 DEMA Members and their staff have access to a private Member-exclusive lounge, accessible directly from the Show floor. With meeting tables, electrical outlets and a computer and printer, the Member lounge is a place where Members and their staff can meet, charge their electronics or simply take a break. 
The DEMA Member VIP lounge is open exclusively to 2012 Level 2 and Level 3 DEMA Members and staff. Accessible through the Member lounge, the VIP Member lounge offers the additional amenities of coffee, water and wireless internet access. 
DEMA Show Drink Specials
Unwind after a full day at DEMA Show at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill at Harrah’s. Here, DEMA Show 2012 Badge Holders can enjoy drink specials while catching up with friends, old and new alike! Be sure to bring your DEMA Show Badge to get these specials. We will see you there!
Where: Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill at Harrah's
Who: DEMA Show Badge Holders
What: $4 Miller Lite and Coors Light Bottles
            $6 Jack Daniels Black Label drinks
When: November 14-17, 2012
How: Show Your Convention Badge

Exploring Las Vegas:
The October 2012 edition of Meetings and Conventions Magazine  spotlights Las Vegas and we love some of the suggested activities it lists that take you beyond the Strip: Hike Red Rock Canyon, tour the Grand Canyon, sail Lake Mead, Zip-Line down Fremont Street, check out the Hoover Dam, speed around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, or challenge yourself with a rock climb or bungee jump. Why not enjoy these activities with your staff, old or new friends while you are in town?

DEMA Announces Disaster Assistance Program to Aid Show Exhibitors and Attendees Impacted by Hurricane Sandy

DEMA announced on November 1st, 2012 that the Board of Directors has approved the activation of the Disaster Assistance Program to assist those DEMA Show Exhibitors and Buyers impacted by Hurricane Sandy.
DEMA’s Disaster Assistance Program contains funds specifically for companies that planned to exhibit or buy at DEMA Show but which were subsequently impacted by a natural disaster. Based on their exhibit size as contracted by close of business on Monday, October 22, 2012, each exhibitor involved from affected locations as outlined below, may apply for funds to help them get to the trade show. Buyers who planned to attend DEMA Show can also apply for funds to assist in staying onsite at DEMA Show. 
"Since its inception, the DEMA Disaster Assistance Program has provided over $26,000 in financial assistance to DEMA Show exhibitors impacted by a natural disaster. The funds are available to manufacturers, destinations and other industry related entities who registered as exhibitors prior to a natural catastrophe, with the added financial assistance they may need to attend the Show,” said Tom Ingram, Executive Director of DEMA. Registered Buyers from DEMA Member businesses are also eligible for funds to assist in attending DEMA Show.
Exhibitor Assistance Program: DEMA’s Disaster Assistance Program funds are available only to the affected DEMA Show 2012 Member Exhibitors who are fully paid by close of business on October 22, 2012 and confined to companies listed as exhibitors from the following locations: 
  • The Bahamas
United States: 
Please note: ONLY businesses physically located in designated counties in the following states are eligible to apply for disaster assistance funds. Counties are determined by FEMA Disaster Declarations for Hurricane Sandy:
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Virginia
  • Washington DC
  • West Virginia
For each exhibit space purchased and paid for by October 22, 2012, DEMA will provide regular exhibitors with $250 of assistance. Non-profit exhibitors are eligible for $200 of assistance for each exhibit space. Funds will be awarded onsite at DEMA Show 2012 to the exhibiting companies who apply and fall within the guidelines deeming them eligible for assistance. Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis up to the maximum available from the DEMA disaster assistance fund.  All interested parties must apply for the assistance funds on site at DEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV prior to 5:00pm, November 17, 2012. For more information and to receive a DEMA 2012 Hurricane Assistance Fund Processing form, see the DEMA Staff at the DEMA Booth at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Attendee Assistance Program:  Designed for DEMA Member Buyers who are registered for the Show and staying in one of the hotels contained within the official DEMA Show hotel block, one registered Buyer from an attending DEMA Member store located in the affected areas can receive reimbursement for one night hotel stay. The room must be used during DEMA Show and no later than November 16, 2012. DEMA’s Hotel Block includes the following specific properties and addresses:
3555 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
3475 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
3355 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109
The designated Buyer from an affected DEMA Member business must submit receipts to DEMA for reimbursement following the end of the Show (receipts must be postmarked by November 21, 2012). Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis up to the maximum of the DEMA disaster assistance fund.  Exhibitors are not eligible for hotel reimbursement assistance under this program, but can receive Exhibitor Assistance as described above.

New Products and Innovations Take the Spotlight at DEMA Show 2012’s New Product Showcase and Scuba Demonstration Pool

DEMA Show 2012 is only days away and there is much anticipation building as the Show approaches. Amongst the many features of the Show, attendees can look forward to learning about new products and innovations first hand. The New Product Showcase and Scuba Demonstration Pool give attendees the opportunity to learn about some of the newest products to hit the market and DEMA Show attendees are encouraged to stop by both to see what is new in 2012.
Many Dive retailers attend DEMA Show to make connections with the vendors driving innovation in the dive, travel and action watersports industry and these Exhibitors are eager to share their latest developments with Show attendees. The New Product Showcase is an exclusive opportunity for DEMA Show exhibitors to make their product visible to everyone attending the Show and for Attendees to be among the first to see what is up and coming. The DEMA Show website provides a list of anticipated products. New this year, the Technical New Product Showcase Pod will have attendees discovering the latest innovations in tech diving gear.
In addition to the new products being showcased, are the demonstrations taking place in the SCUBA Demonstration Pool, a heated 20’ wide by 40’ long by 4 ½’ deep pool located directly on the DEMA Show floor. This pool is used throughout the year as part of the Be A Diver Pool Tour, but during DEMA Show it becomes the ideal venue for DEMA Show Exhibitors to show off, demonstrate, and let attendees try their products. DEMA Show 2012 exhibitors will be on hand for new product demonstrations and to allow attendees to check out the latest product innovations. Onsite Show signage will provide a list and schedule of all the products being demonstrated in the pool and attendees can also look forward to breath hold demonstrations from Freediving Instructors International throughout the Show.
DEMA Show Attendees are encourage to check out the DEMA Show website in advance to scope out the new innovations and products they should keep an eye out for and to view the schedule of demonstrations taking place in the Scuba Demonstration Pool.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Well Isn’t That Pinteresting….

Guest Blogger: Rachelle Morris, DEMA Membership Marketing & Communications Coordinator

I must confess, I am OBSESSED with Pinterest. My fiancé has experienced a sudden improvement in my cooking, my winter wardrobe wish list has grown exponentially and my new apartment has been cleverly decorated; all a result of countless Pinterest-inspired ideas.

But Pinterest isn’t just for the individual – it can also be a powerful marketing and revenue-producing tool for a brand or business. Earlier this year, Shareaholic conducted a study that found Pinterest to drive more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. Let me give you a “real life” example that I recently experienced:

With my June wedding getting closer by the day, I have spent countless hours searching for bridesmaid dresses that would meet my specific criteria (color, style and price point). Upon moving my search to Pinterest, I quickly found the ideal dress. Clicking through the pin took me to the dress’s Etsy shop that is run by an upcoming dress designer. This dress designer, thanks to Pinterest, will now have 6 additional sales under their belt (my bridal party) and has been exposed to countless other potential customers as a result of this one pin. That’s a pretty good return on investment considering Pinterest is FREE and pinning content requires minimal effort. Just image what it might be able to do for YOUR brand or business!

Here at DEMA, our Pinterest boards are aimed at encouraging and supporting the Diving lifestyle as well as sharing Industry news. In an attempt to track how successful our efforts are, I have come across Pinpuff, a free web app that measures your virality and influence on Pinterest.

DEMA is using this as a tool to gauge our influence by tracking and watching our Reach Score, Activity Score, Virality Score and overall Pinfluence Score. Perhaps it will be a handy tool for you as well.

What I appreciate about Pinpuff is that:
  • Your score is generated instantly.
  • It gives you helpful suggestions to boost your reach.
  • It lists the number of likes and repins each of your boards has received (up to 20 boards) which can help you see what sort of content is most likely to be shared.
  • It tells you here what is considered a good, average or poor score so you can easily gauge how well you are doing!
By monitoring your Pinterest content, you can track how successful your efforts are, where they might need some additional attention, or, if you are running a campaign/game/contest you can get an idea of how much participation it’s getting. (Doing a quick search online will give you countless ideas for contests, strategies, games and other creative ideas that you can use to drive your Pinterest influence.)

If you aren’t already on Pinterest, take a moment to check it out and think about how you might be able to use it to the benefit of your business or brand. And be sure to connect with DEMA on Pinterest and don’t forget to click follow!

If you have discovered any other useful tools for keeping tabs on your Pinterest influence, or a strategy that you MUST share, please do so here!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tweet, Tweet…Anybody there?

Guest Blogger: Rachelle Morris, DEMA Membership Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Developing a strategy for your Twitter marketing efforts is one thing, but how can you tell if all your time and planning is paying off? Well, like most things related to marketing and social media, there isn’t a simple answer (I am beginning to sound like a broken record). There are all kinds of ways you can track your Twitter insights, however, allow me to share with you how DEMA is tracking the success of our Twitter efforts and perhaps you will find some of these methods useful.

DEMA finds the following insights are beneficial in determining how well our Twitter efforts are paying off and areas that may need more attention:

We track these numbers to make sure we are 1) increasing our following, which would indicate that our content is valuable and 2) not losing followers which would raise a red flag that we are doing something wrong.

We track the number we are following to make sure we are making a continuous effort to find and follow new people who are able to provide us with valuable information that we can then pass on to our Followers.

Weekly Retweeted 
Having someone retweet your Tweet (in other words, share your content with their followers) is one of the highest levels of engagement on Twitter. It means that your content is not only valuable, but valuable enough that someone else found the content worthy of being passed along to their followers. Think of that saying, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery…” yeah, it’s kinda like that.

Weekly Clicks 
Having someone click on a link provided in your tweet is another high level of engagement. Clever writing and high quality content are just a few ways to experience a high click-through rate.

Weekly Mentions 
When someone uses “@[yourTwitternamehere]” they are engaging you in their conversation. It can also be a way to tag you in a Tweet so you can find who is talking about you.

To keep track of these insights, we use 3 different applications:

1 ) Twitter
  • Used to track: Followers & Following 
  • Information Available Via: Twitter profile page 
2) Hootsuite
  • Used to track: Weekly Clicks 
  • Information Available Via: Hootsuite’s custom reports 
  • Methodology: We make sure all DEMA Twitter postings are posted via Hootsuite and that all links are shortened using the Owl. ly shortening tool. This way, Hootsuite is able to track how many clicks each of our links receives on a weekly basis and reports this statistic for us via our custom-made click report. 
3) Twitonomy 
  • Used to track: Weekly Retweets & Weekly Mentions 
  • Information Available Via: Mentions & Retweets panel 
  • Methodology: On a weekly basis, we count up how many times @DEMAorg is mentioned in the Tweets of others and also how many times someone has retweeted our content each week. 

Follow DEMA on Twitter to connect with the Dive Industry and stay in-the-loop with everything happening WHEN it’s happening at DEMA Show 2012!

 Are you looking to learn more about Twitter and how to set up your business or brand’s Twitter presence? Consider reviewing this Twitter Guide Book that I’ve found to be a good overall resource to get you started!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DEMA’s 2013 Be A Diver Pool Tour Offers Cross-Marketing Opportunity For Your Growing Business

The Be A Diver Pool Tour is a year-round, nationwide program that enables targeted potential diving customers to try scuba diving in the warm, safe confines of a four-foot deep swimming pool under professional supervision. For sponsors, there is a visually exciting opportunity to be seen by affluent adults with the money and time to travel and participate in scuba diving.

“The Be A Diver Pool Tour has been in existence for over 10 years and has brought the interactive diving experience to thousands of participants at more than 250 venues across the U.S. ,” commented Tom Ingram, Executive Director of DEMA. “Based on solid consumer research, the Pool appears at large-scale events which already attract potential customers who fit the same prosperous demographic profile targeted by the diving industry. Sponsoring the Pool Tour is a unique means of reaching this much sought after target group.  In addition, the Be A Diver Pool is very visual, and attracts media attention for the local retailers and especially for the Pool Tour sponsors.”

As an official sponsor of the Pool Tour, your business will reap the benefits of highly visible exposure. Your company’s logo/product will receive on-site event exposure as well as media exposure, supported by DEMA’s Public Relations Firm, Adams Unlimited PR. In 2012, the Pool reached more than 1.5 million views through targeted television broadcast alone.

In addition to on-site and media exposure, sponsors receive a contact list following each Pool Stop that includes every participant who tries scuba diving in the Be A Diver Pool. Participants are required to register before entering the Be A Diver Pool, which provides an accurate database for potential customers.
There are a variety of different sponsorships available to meet your advertising needs and detailed information about the various sponsorship packages available can be found in the Be A Diver Pool Prospectus.  If you are interested in sponsoring the Pool Tour or have additional questions please contact DEMA’s Pool Tour Coordinator, Dave Reidenbach at (920) 205-3657 or

Making stops throughout the year at various consumer-oriented travel, outdoor activity and adventure shows, the Be A Diver pool gives anyone 10 years old and up the opportunity to discover the fun and exciting sport of scuba diving for FREE in the comfort of a large, tropically-warm pool. Participants are provided with everything they need to take advantage of this short but life-changing experience; locally-based diving professionals guide them while they use state-of-the-art diving equipment that makes it fun to experience diving.  Those who take the plunge need not worry about getting wet, since the Be A Diver pool provides wetsuits, towels, dressing rooms and even hair dryers! Plus they’ll have contacts with the local retail professional who can guide them to becoming a certified diver.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Twitter Me This…

Guest Blogger: Rachelle Morris, DEMA Membership Marketing & Communications Coordinator

I must confess, I haven’t always been a fan of Twitter. Initially, I took it to be for the ego-maniac; who could possibly think anyone cares what they have to say in 140 characters every 5 minutes? Obviously, that was before I had A CLUE about Twitter and how powerful it can really be.

In my personal life, I have come to realize that Twitter is a source where I often discover “breaking news.” This realization has, in my eyes, made Twitter synonymous with the dissemination of information, and for businesses there is endless potential. Not only does it provide you with a platform where you can tweet all day long with less potential of annoying your followers as compared to say, Facebook, (Twitter followers expect to hear from you throughout the day) but this license to chat away keeps you top-of-mind and relevant.

Much like my Facebook findings, there is a wealth of information on ways to make the most of your Twitter campaign and marketing. Here are of a few tips that I have found to be valuable in DEMA’s Twitter efforts:
  1. The 80/20 Rule: Just like I discussed in my previous post about Facebook post content, the 80/20 rule applies to Twitter as well. Remember, the rule suggests that 80% of your posts should be providing valuable content that supports the lifestyle/interests/concerns of your followers while 20% should be promotional. I have even read that on Twitter specifically, your self promotional content should be as low as 5%-10%.

    What DEMA is doing: Much like our Facebook page, we try and live by the 80/20 rule by posting valuable business tips, dive news and other information that would be beneficial to our Members and followers while incorporating a bit of Association-specific news to keep everyone updated. Much like our Facebook page, we try and live by the 80/20 rule by posting valuable business tips, dive news and other information that would be beneficial to our Members and followers while incorporating a bit of Association-specific news to keep everyone updated.

  2. Be Active! Twitter is very different from Facebook for many reasons, but one of my favorites is because it gives you a license to talk…a lot! Twitter followers expect and probably want to hear from you throughout the day, which means that you have less chance of being that annoying friend I referred to in a previous post. And remember, as soon as you tweet something, there are 5 other tweets that have just pushed yours down the queue. Don’t think that tweeting once a day is going to give you maximum exposure. If you aren’t tweeting multiple times a day, it’s quite possible that your tweets are getting lost.

    What DEMA is doing: We aim to post 4-5 times per day. Sometimes we don’t have enough quality information to share and sometimes we have extra. What we find to be important is that we are providing our followers with news and information that is valuable to their business, careers, diving interests, and so on. We aim for a certain number of tweets, but the quality and relativity of the information is just as important to us. We aim to post 4-5 times per day. Sometimes we don’t have enough quality information to share and sometimes we have extra. What we find to be important is that we are providing our followers with news and information that is valuable to their business, careers, diving interests, and so on. We aim for a certain number of tweets, but the quality and relativity of the information is just as important to us.

  3. Images, Images, Images: I was surprised to learn from a recent study that images posted on Twitter outperform text messages by 91%. Ninety-one percent! This article also states that image tweets only make up 2.3% of all tweets. It would seem that tweeting images is a hidden gem and posting such could really make you stand out from the rest while providing some pretty engaging content!

    What DEMA WILL BE doing: Given this newly discovered information, DEMA will certainly be incorporating additional images into our Twitter line-up. We are already sharing images and visually communicating on other platforms like Given this newly discovered information, DEMA will certainly be incorporating additional images into our Twitter line-up. We are already sharing images and visually communicating on other platforms like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram but we will begin to share similar content with our Twitter followers as well.
Are you looking to learn more about Twitter and how to set up your business or brand’s page? Consider reviewing this Twitter Guide Book that I’ve found to be a good overall resource to get you started!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Free Daily Mini-Seminars Available To All DEMA Show Attendees

DEMA Show 2012 attendees and exhibitors wishing to make the most of their Show experience are encouraged to attend DEMA’s daily mini-seminars taking place inside the DEMA Booth. The seminars are packed with powerful information on DEMA’s latest retention tool, DiveCaching; Water, Sports & Travel Festival 2013 and the newest video game dedicated to scuba diving.
These FREE seminars are available to all DEMA attendees and exhibitors. Seminar topics include:
Keep Divers Coming Back with DiveCaching and
Wednesday, November 14 through Saturday, November 17, 2012 from 11:00am–11:30am
Wednesday, November 14 through Friday, November 16, 2012 from 2:00pm –2:30pm
  • Get informed about DEMA’s new partnership with Garmin’s geocaching site,, to promote the real-life environmentally-friendly, in-water game of DiveCaching. This initiative was designed to increase customer retention for dive retailers by giving current divers a reason to return to a local dive spot or even brush up on their navigational skills. Attendees can learn the latest developments to help them implement the exciting in-water game of DiveCaching into their store’s retention program.
Discover Infinite Scuba, the Video Game of Scuba Diving, Treasure Hunting & DiveCaching in Real-World Locations
Wednesday, November 14 through Saturday November 17, 2012 from 12:00pm-12:30pm
Wednesday, November 14 through Friday, November 16, 2012 from 3:00pm-3:30pm
  • Get insider information on the latest project to promote sustainable growth in recreational diving and activities such as DiveCaching. This brand new video game sends divers off searching for treasures and DiveCaches at real-life dive sites and shipwrecks.
Grow Your Business: Be Part of Water, Sports & Travel Festival 2013
Wednesday, November 14 through Saturday, November 17, 2012 from 1:00pm–1:30pm
Wednesday, November 14 through Friday, November 16, 2012 from 4:00pm-4:30pm
  • Learn all you need to know about the benefits of participating in DEMA’s inaugural Water, Sports & Travel Festival. This consumer Festival will be held April 26-28, 2013 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is part of DEMA's continuing effort to reach new customers for the diving industry by attracting persons with active lifestyles, using proven cross-marketing techniques. DEMA has contracted with MSE Management, a show management company with over 35 years of experience producing shows which generate consumer interest in the travel, product sales and active lifestyle market.
Additional details on the mini-seminars held in the DEMA booth at DEMA Show 2012 are available on the DEMA Show website.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DEMA Members Receive Exclusive Benefits at DEMA Show 2012: Member Services Available Throughout the Show

DEMA Show 2012 is offering DEMA Members a wealth of savings, benefits and educational opportunities that can help them decrease expenses and take control of their business. DEMA encourages all Members to take advantage of these services throughout the Show.

Your People: DEMA Member Benefit Providers On Site at DEMA Show 2012
DEMA offers a wide range of business benefits and savings to DEMA Members through special service providers. The following Member Benefits providers will be available for direct consultation onsite at DEMA Show 2012:
  • Credit Card Processing and Consulting administered by Retriever
  • Freight Saving Program administered by Siriani & Associates
  • Insurance Program administered by AIP
  • Water, Sports & Travel Festival Opportunities managed by MSE Management, Inc.
  • DiveCaching Guidance from experience DiveCaching Staff
Your Place: DEMA Member & VIP Member Lounges
All 2012 DEMA Members and their staffs have access to a private Member-exclusive lounge, accessible directly from the Show floor. With meeting tables, electrical outlets and a computer and printer, the Member lounge is a place where Members and their staff can meet, charge their electronics or simply take a break.

New to DEMA Show 2012 is the DEMA Member VIP lounge. This special lounge is open exclusively to 2012 Level 2 and Level 3 DEMA Members and staff. Accessible through the Member lounge, the VIP

Member lounge offers the additional amenities of coffee, water and wireless internet access. Level 2 and 3 DEMA Members also have access to the VIP Badge Pick-Up desk at the registration area, located in the lobby of the Sands Expo.

Your Savings: DEMA Member Specials
DEMA Members are offered exclusive specials and savings onsite at DEMA Show 2012:
  • Save over $100 per Registration for DEMA Show 2012
    2012 DEMA Members can save over $100 per registration for DEMA Show 2012. Compare prices and register now!
  • Receive a $50 American Express Gift Card for Buying at DEMA Show 2012
    To redeem their gift card, registered DEMA Show 2012 Buyers must become a 2013 DEMA Member onsite and provide proof of onsite orders from five different DEMA Show 2012 Exhibitors which totals at least $500.  See us onsite for details!
  • Save $50 on your 2013 DEMA Membership Dues
    Members can save $50 by becoming a 2013 DEMA Member onsite at DEMA Show 2012. Visit the DEMA Booth located in the welcome area for more information and reap the savings.
  • Save $585 per Exhibit Space for DEMA Show 2013
    DEMA Members who sign up for DEMA Show 2013 onsite at DEMA Show 2012 have access to up to $585 in savings per booth over Non-Member rates. Applicable DEMA Member Level booth limits apply (up to 2 booths for level 1, 5 booths for level 2, unlimited for level 3).
  • Save 10% on Select DEMA Show Store Merchandise
    DEMA Members save 10% on select merchandise at the DEMA Store located in the Welcome Area of DEMA Show 2012
A DEMA Membership provides businesses in the Diving Industry with a number of invaluable benefits.  Become a current Member now and reap the rewards onsite at DEMA Show 2012. Visit and start taking advantage of a DEMA Membership today!

Monday, October 8, 2012

How to Gauge the Success of your Facebook Page

Guest Blogger: Rachelle Morris, DEMA Membership Marketing & Communications Coordinator

 Last week, I shared some of my favorite strategies for creating a successful Facebook business page and I am sure you probably have plenty of good ideas as well. Once you have your ideas and plan in place, how do you go about tracking the success of your social media efforts? Again, there is no universal answer, but I can certainly share with you what DEMA has decided to do to track and gauge the success of our efforts.

DEMA has decided to focus on the engagement rate of our Facebook Fans. That is, calculating the Engaged Fans of DEMA’s Facebook page will tell us how many fans are engaged with the page content and essentially how well we are doing with providing our Facebook fans with content that is relevant and valuable.

We track this number on a weekly basis by taking the number of weekly engaged users (you can find this information under your FB business page insights “Talking About This” tab), less any new “Likes,” and then dividing it by the number of total fans as of that week. Ta-da! Weekly engagement rate!

What is a good engagement rate you ask? Prepare to be surprised. Well, at least I certainly was…

According to a study done in 2011 by Ehrenberg-BassInstitute, only 1.3% of Facebook users engage with brand pages. Only 1.3%!?! Wait…there is more… If page “Likes” are removed as a contributing factor of engagement, the actual average of engaged CURRENT fans is only 0.45%. Also noted is that even a sample of “Passion Brands” which were expected to see a higher level of engagement only saw an average of 0.64% of their page fans engaging with content.  I don’t know about you, but I was both shocked by this number (I was expecting something a little bit higher) but also relieved as it meant that DEMA is doing pretty well! One interesting tidbit to note is that engagement rates tend to drop as fan size increases (probably because of an increased number of lurkers rather than truly engaged fans). And according to another resource, Social Examiner, healthy pages have an average of 1-5%.

“Rachelle, why can’t you give me a straight answer?” It’s frustrating, I know. I was searching for a concrete answer like, “Your engagement rate should always be X%.” However, like most things related to social media and marketing for that matter, there doesn’t seem to be a finite answer. I would suggest that anyone trying to set an engagement rate goal consider these factors:
  •  Do you have 20 followers or thousands? If you are on the higher end, you may find that your pages have quite a number of lurkers (it’s ok!) which may bring your engagement rate down a tad.
  • Keep in mind the availability of the staff. If you don’t have the manpower to dedicate countless hours, just do the best you can do without sacrificing other areas of your business.
  • Calculate your current engagement rate. Is it on the lower end of the scale which leaves room for improvement? Maybe some of my suggestions from my previous post can help get your rate where you would like it to be.
·         Ultimately, what are the goals of your Facebook page? To entertain? To makes sales? To share information? You might have a great engagement rate, but if your underlining goals aren’t being met, perhaps incorporating a different strategy will help you reach your goals.

While we really focus on our weekly engagement rate, DEMA also tracks things like our audience demographics, page visits, number of likes, reach, tab views, referrers and so on. There is a wealth of information available to you under your Facebook page’s insights. If you haven’t already, take a peak and see what you can learn about your followers. 

  • What do you track?
  • Have your insights revealed any surprising information about your followers?
  • Does your engagement rate blow the 0.45%-5% scale out of the water? If so, please tell us what you are doing!

Have a great week!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Secure Your Ideal Exhibit Space and Sponsorship Package for Water, Sports & Travel Festival 2013

DEMA recently announced that exhibit space for its inaugural Water, Sports and Travel Festival is now available through MSE Management. This consumer Festival will be held April 26-28, 2013 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is part of DEMA's continuing effort to reach new customers for the diving industry by attracting persons with active lifestyles, using proven cross-marketing techniques.
Those diving businesses interested in exhibiting should contact MSE Management now to learn more about the options available and to secure a preferred booth location, putting your business in front of the thousands of divers and non-divers anticipated at the Festival! MSE can be reached using the following:
Toll Free: (800) 322-9332
Phone: (203) 622-7081
Discount Exhibit Space is Available for DEMA Members!
$1395 per 100 net square feet for DEMA Members
$1995 per 100 net square feet for non-DEMA Members
More information is available on the Festival Fact Sheet and additional details are posted to

DEMA’s Legislative Efforts Producing Big Results in 2012

DEMA is well-known for the annual DEMA Trade Show, but DEMA is much more than this trade-only event. DEMA’s legislative initiatives on behalf of the industry contribute to the diving community in many ways which help all DEMA Members. DEMA exists to serve its members by identifying key issues that affect the growth and success of the scuba and snorkeling industry, and by taking action on legislative matters which have an adverse effect on the sport. As in previous years, 2012 has been a productive year for the Association’s legislative efforts, helping to avert legislation detrimental to dive businesses, environmental disasters affecting recreational diving locations and preventing the loss of access to divers.
DEMA formally contracts with a liaison based in Florida and works directly with volunteer members in California, Hawaii, Florida and other states to monitor and act where needed, especially when legislation could set precedents that impact the overall industry. Working together with these legislative representatives and other industry professionals, DEMA has been able to assist in numerous legislative activities since the beginning of the year.

2012 Legislative initiatives include: 
  • Health Care Reform Member Advisory
    • Created a roadmap for DEMA Members to understand impending healthcare reform
  • Shark Fin Ban in New Jersey
    • DEMA supported banning shark finning in New Jersey, providing economic and jobs data on the impact of diminished diving activity due to a reduction in the shark population to help secure the needed legislation
  • Support of the Extension of the Deadline for Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance
    • Webinars for DEMA Members to help understand pool compliance requirements
    •  Seminars scheduled for Saturday, November 17th in affiliation with DEMA Show 2012 to further educate attendees
  • Request for withdrawal of Coast Guard Advisory on Recreational Diving
    • Coast guard distributed advisory outlining requirements for dive boats
    • DEMA requested USCG to withdraw the Advisory since it was based on a false premise, appeared to include requirements outside of the scope of the USCG and included comments which conflicted with diving industry standards of practice
  • Support of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
    • DEMA supported fair use guidelines for Florida Keys sanctuaries including the recommendation that non-consumptive activities like recreational diving be allowed and consumptive activities such as spearfishing be allowed when hook and line fishing are permitted
  • Passage of Legislation to Resolve Dive Charter Boat Fishing License Issue
    • DEMA drafted and passed language to finally resolve the issue of whether dive charter boats were required to have fishing licenses during the two-day lobster season.  Dive charter boats now have several options, and will no longer be fined or closed down.
  • Promoting Diver Safety during Lobster Mini-Season in Florida
    • Public Service Announcement played on television stations in Florida and surrounding states as well as online, to remind divers to tune their equipment and take a dive refresher prior to Lobster mini-season
If you know of a legislative, environmental or other issue affecting the dive industry, let DEMA know at

Monday, October 1, 2012

Searching for a Perfect Social Media Plan

Guest Blogger: Rachelle Morris, DEMA Membership Marketing & Communications Coordinator

As DEMA’s Membership Marketing and Communications Coordinator, one of my responsibilities is to maintain our social media pages. Sound like a Millennial’s dream-come-true? As it turns out, giving social media followers what they want is a HUGE responsibility and requires much more thought and strategic planning than simply reposting the latest “Cute Kitten Meme.”
With social media trends ever-changing, I have spent countless hours trying to find THE answer to making our social media sites the best they can be.  And after much research, I finally found the answer: There is no answer. No 10-Step Process. No “one-size-fits-all.”  No magical equation. Pretty anti-climactic, huh?
There are plenty of great tips out there, but no one has the universal answer for guaranteed success. You can bet that in all my research I NEVER found a guaranteed step-by-step process for how a non-profit trade organization can best engage the professional Diving Industry.  
However, my research did uncover a number of themes that seem to push most social media campaigns in the direction of success. In an effort to spare you from hours of grueling research, I’d like to share some of my discoveries with you over the next few weeks. I am not saying that these are the answers to your social media woes, but instead may they serve as food-for-thought. It is my hope that something you read here may be of some help in your social media efforts.
Let me start off by discussing the heavy hitter which may very well have replaced the timeless tradition of the High School Reunion: Facebook. While my research suggests there are many things that can help keep your followers happy and engaged, here are my five favorites:
1.       The 80/20 Rule: Did you ever (or maybe you still do) have that annoying friend that ONLY ever wants to talk about themselves? Don’t allow your Facebook page to be that friend. Nobody wants to follow a Facebook page that is going to entirely self-promote, so don’t or you may find your page getting dropped like a bad habit. The 80/20 rule suggests that 80% of your posts should be providing valuable content that supports the lifestyle/interests/concerns of your followers while 20% should be promotional.
What DEMA is doing: DEMA’s Facebook page “80%” contains stories that we believe diving professionals will find interesting. Whether it is news on the 1900’s ship wreckage discovered by divers or a great business tip – we want to pass it on to you to enjoy. Our “20%” is providing our followers with Association-specific news, Member benefits, important reminders and other DEMA tid-bits.
2.       Don’t post too much: On my personal Facebook page I have one friend in particular who – and I am not even exaggerating – on any given day will LITERALLY have 15-20 posts IN A ROW in my news feed. As much as I want to connect with them on social media, constant updates like these put them at risk for being “de-friended.” My point is this: if people are following your page, that means they are interested in what you have to say but that doesn’t give you a license to be annoying. My research suggests that your business page may see higher engagement rates if you post 1-2 times per day and that you may (remember this is not an exact science) get the best results during the hours of 1:00pm and 4:00pm. My takeaway from this: Moderation is key; post regularly enough to stay top-of-mind, but not so often that you turn people away from your brand. Know your audience and be mindful of how often they want to see you in their newsfeed. Combining this pattern with quality content should keep your followers intrigued and loyal.
What DEMA is doing: We try really hard to follow the 1-2 times per day rule. Sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less. But more often than not, you are probably only going to hear from DEMA on Facebook a couple of times a day.
3.       Visuals are KEY: Timeline was designed with visual stimulation in mind. Some love it, some hate it. Either way, take advantage of this trend! Post photos. Share photos. If you can, turn your content into visuals. If you can create a viral image…then gold star for you!
What DEMA is doing: We update our cover story weekly to visually communicate news released that week. We have even experienced these images being shared as our followers spread the news to their friends. We’ve also created a special “Industry News” photo album that essentially acts as a news archive including links to the full articles. If we see a fun, diving-related viral image – we share that with our followers. And we have developed a little game we like to call, “Mystery Pic of the Week.” We have other fun visual ideas coming down the pipe, but I don’t want to spoil all the fun quite yet. :)
4.       Tell people what you want them to do: Do you want someone to “Like” or share something? Tell them! Telling your followers what course of action you want them to take is sometimes the only little nudge they need to engage with your content.
What DEMA is doing: We’ve used this little golden nugget in a number of our posts. Over the past few months, the post to experience the most engagement ASKED for follower participation: "LIKE" this status if we will see you in 79 days at DEMA Show!” How’s that for delivering results?! ;)
5.       Talk to your followers: Ask people questions. Ask for their feedback. Create a poll using Facebook’s fancy little poll feature! RESPOND to post, questions, direct messages and comments. After all, social media is all about COMMUNICATION – make sure you are communicating with your followers and show them that you care about what they have to say.
What DEMA is doing: Here at DEMA we check our Facebook throughout the day and respond to comments, questions and direct messages as soon as we see them. Sometimes we will post questions or polls on our Timeline to prompt conversation. Posts that are left by followers might even receive a “LIKE” or comment from us as well.
So there you have it! If you aren’t already, think about how some of these ideas might work in your social media plan. Next week, I will share ideas for how to track and determine the success of these efforts (and how DEMA is doing it ourselves).
So, until next Monday and in the spirit of today’s post, I’d like to know:
  • What do you hope to get from DEMA’s Facebook page?
  • What is it missing? What do you like?
  • Do you have any strategies and creative ideas that have been successful for your company/organization?
I invite you to share them here with me and the rest of the Diving Industry!
Have a great week!
Just a tiny sample of my findings:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

DEMA Members Can Save Big and Take Advantage of New Benefits by Visiting the DEMA Booth at DEMA Show 2012

The DEMA Booth at DEMA Show 2012 will offer attendees a wealth of information on the Associations’ latest programs and benefits as well as the opportunity to take advantage of DEMA Membership and program specials. The DEMA Booth is one stop attendees can’t afford to miss while at DEMA Show 2012 to make sure they’re using DEMA membership benefits to their fullest potential.
While at the booth, attendees can explore DEMA’s latest retention tool, the in-water game of DiveCaching. In 2011, DEMA launched DiveCaching to help grow and promote local diving. This initiative was designed to increase customer retention for dive retailers by giving current divers a reason to return to a local dive spot or even brush up on their navigational skills. Attendees can learn the latest developments to help them implement the exciting in-water game of DiveCaching into their store’s retention program by attending daily mini-seminars taking place inside the DEMA Booth. 
Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of Membership that can help their businesses save all year long. Representatives from various DEMA Member benefit programs and initiatives will be on hand to provide attendees with all of the details they need to start helping their business. Members can meet and learn directly from providers about benefits like discounted credit card processing, the DEMA’s Freight Savings Program and even the newest Member benefit, DEMA’s Health & Business Insurance Program. Those interested in learning more about DEMA’s new Water, Sports & Travel Festival can speak directly with festival management team members and receive detailed information on the festival, including a floor plan, current exhibitor list and marketing plan. 
To get the most bang for their buck, attendees should take advantage DEMA’s own Show specials at DEMA Show 2012. Those joining the Association for 2013 onsite will instantly save $50! Registered DEMA Show Buyers can also receive an additional $50 American Express Gift Card when they become a 2013 DEMA Member and show proof of purchase from 5 different DEMA Show exhibitors (totaling at least $500).
Complete Show Features and Exhibits can be found on the DEMA Show website. 2012 DEMA Members can save up to $125 on their seminar package price by registering now, before the early-bird pricing deadline of October 9, 2012. Become a 2012 DEMA Member today and SAVE! All attendees are encouraged visit the DEMA Booth to learn how they can make the most of their Membership and take control of their businesses.
The annual DEMA Show, the largest trade-only event in the world for companies doing business in the scuba diving, ocean water sports and adventure/dive travel industries, attracts hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of dive and travel industry professionals from around the world. In addition to providing an arena in which to conduct business and network, DEMA Show offers participants the most extensive education curriculum in the industry including DEMA-Sponsored Seminars and Exhibitor-Sponsored Seminars from participating manufacturers, travel destinations and dive certification organizations.