Thursday, September 27, 2012

DEMA Members Can Save Big and Take Advantage of New Benefits by Visiting the DEMA Booth at DEMA Show 2012

The DEMA Booth at DEMA Show 2012 will offer attendees a wealth of information on the Associations’ latest programs and benefits as well as the opportunity to take advantage of DEMA Membership and program specials. The DEMA Booth is one stop attendees can’t afford to miss while at DEMA Show 2012 to make sure they’re using DEMA membership benefits to their fullest potential.
While at the booth, attendees can explore DEMA’s latest retention tool, the in-water game of DiveCaching. In 2011, DEMA launched DiveCaching to help grow and promote local diving. This initiative was designed to increase customer retention for dive retailers by giving current divers a reason to return to a local dive spot or even brush up on their navigational skills. Attendees can learn the latest developments to help them implement the exciting in-water game of DiveCaching into their store’s retention program by attending daily mini-seminars taking place inside the DEMA Booth. 
Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of Membership that can help their businesses save all year long. Representatives from various DEMA Member benefit programs and initiatives will be on hand to provide attendees with all of the details they need to start helping their business. Members can meet and learn directly from providers about benefits like discounted credit card processing, the DEMA’s Freight Savings Program and even the newest Member benefit, DEMA’s Health & Business Insurance Program. Those interested in learning more about DEMA’s new Water, Sports & Travel Festival can speak directly with festival management team members and receive detailed information on the festival, including a floor plan, current exhibitor list and marketing plan. 
To get the most bang for their buck, attendees should take advantage DEMA’s own Show specials at DEMA Show 2012. Those joining the Association for 2013 onsite will instantly save $50! Registered DEMA Show Buyers can also receive an additional $50 American Express Gift Card when they become a 2013 DEMA Member and show proof of purchase from 5 different DEMA Show exhibitors (totaling at least $500).
Complete Show Features and Exhibits can be found on the DEMA Show website. 2012 DEMA Members can save up to $125 on their seminar package price by registering now, before the early-bird pricing deadline of October 9, 2012. Become a 2012 DEMA Member today and SAVE! All attendees are encouraged visit the DEMA Booth to learn how they can make the most of their Membership and take control of their businesses.
The annual DEMA Show, the largest trade-only event in the world for companies doing business in the scuba diving, ocean water sports and adventure/dive travel industries, attracts hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of dive and travel industry professionals from around the world. In addition to providing an arena in which to conduct business and network, DEMA Show offers participants the most extensive education curriculum in the industry including DEMA-Sponsored Seminars and Exhibitor-Sponsored Seminars from participating manufacturers, travel destinations and dive certification organizations.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

DEMA-Sponsored Track 4 Seminars Offer Strategies for Retaining Your Current Customers

DEMA-Sponsored Seminar Track 4: Strategies to Retain Your Current Customers is just one of four educational tracks that will be offered as part of the educational programming at DEMA Show 2012. Track 4 sessions will provide attendees with ideas for creating engaging websites, providing content diving customers are looking for and ultimately building lasting relationships. The seminars within the track will explore how attendees can turn current customers into LOYAL customers.
Track 4 offers topics from keynote speakers including Stacy Garrett, Senior Account Executive, Southwick Specialty Advertising and Rick Segel, President, Rick Segel & Associates.Seminar topics include:
  • Having a High Touch Business in a High Tech World
  • Generating Returning Website Traffic
In addition to the sessions within Track 4, attendees will also find Track 1: Understanding Your Customer, Track 2: Better Business Performance and Track 3: Strategies to Acquire New Divers as part of the DEMA-Sponsored Seminar Program packed with sessions for every business type and size.
View complete session details and register for the DEMA-Sponsored Seminar package on the DEMA Show website. 2012 DEMA Members can save up to $125 on their seminar package price by registering now, before the early-bird pricing deadline of October 9, 2012. Become a 2012 DEMA Member today and SAVE! All attendees are encouraged to make the most of their Show experience by attending these seminars to help them take control of their businesses.

Start Your Thursday Morning at DEMA Show with the Annual DEMA Member Update

Join us for this informative session led by DEMA’s Executive Director, Tom Ingram on the second morning of DEMA Show. Network with fellow industry leaders and DEMA Members, get an update on how DEMA has been working to help our Members, and get insight on the association’s programs and plans for 2013, including the new Water, Sports & Travel Festival staging in Fort Lauderdale in April of 2013. Don't miss this information-filled morning, which includes complimentary coffee and pastries and is open to ALL attendees and exhibitors.

Thursday, November 15th | 8:30 a.m - 9:45 a.m. | Room: 503/504
Speaker: Tom Ingram, Executive Director, DEMA
Complete details are available on the DEMA Show website

Thursday, September 13, 2012

DEMA Converts to a New Facebook Page and Expands to New Social Media Platforms in Order to Engage Different Segments of the Diving Industry

DEMA has recently announced that it will be shutting down its current “DEMA Assn” Facebook page in order to switch to a new Facebook page, “DEMAorg”. The “DEMA Assn” Facebook page will shut down on September 30, 2012 and all followers (current and new) are encouraged to start following the new “DEMAorg” Facebook page so as not to miss out on any important news or information.
“We use the handle ‘DEMA Org’ on most other social networks and decided to make the switch on Facebook to create some consistency amongst all of our profiles and pages,” explained Nicole Russell, DEMA Managing Director. “We expect this should help the Industry professionals connect with DEMA and other professionals more easily as they move amongst different social media platforms.”  In recent weeks, DEMA has made an increased effort to diversify the content shared on their Facebook page. “We want to be able to share with the industry and our followers the kind of information, news and entertainment that they are looking for by following DEMA on Facebook,” explained Russell. “Whether it’s sharing the latest ancient wreck found by divers, providing insightful business marketing tips, or reminding them of an important DEMA Show deadline, we are continually working to improve communications and be a hub of relevant information for DEMA Members and Industry Stakeholders.
In addition to the Facebook page conversation, DEMA has recently established a presence on Instagram and Pinterest. The account on Instagram has been created to give the industry an ‘insiders-view’ of what is going on at DEMA. “We are especially excited to use this platform during DEMA Show and hope that industry professionals who will be joining us at DEMA Show in Las Vegas will consider using Instagram to share their experience with the industry with the hashtag, #DEMAShow,” added Russell.
DEMA’s presence on Pinterest has been established to help promote the lifestyle side of the Industry. In an aim to encourage the Industry to share aspects of the diving lifestyle as well as the business side, DEMA has created a number of boards including: Quotes to Live and Di(v)e By, Be A Diver, Diving Industry News, Small Business Tips and more.  Industry professionals are encouraged to follow DEMA’s Pinterest Boards as content is continuously pinned and shared.
In addition to these newly established presences, Industry professionals can connect with DEMA and other diving professionals on any of the following sites:
Instagram: Username DEMAOrg
Weekly DEMAIL: Subscribe here to receive weekly Industry and Association news
DEMA Blog:
DEMA Show and consumer programs can also be found online:
DEMA Show:           
            DEMA Show Blog:
Be A Diver:
DiveCaching:            Facebook:

Don’t Just Talk the Talk! Walk the Walk: Help Improve the Future of our Industry by Participating in the Final 2020 Vision Session of 2012

In 2011, DEMA asked what was needed to grow the Diving Industry.  In 2012, we have asked HOW to achieve that growth.  Join DEMA Executive Director, Tom Ingram, for the final 2020 Vision Session of 2012 taking place at DEMA Show 2012 in Las Vegas, NV.
Tom will lead the discussion as DEMA seeks your ideas for implementing change for the betterment of the diving industry.  According to Ingram, “These sessions have contributed to DEMA’s strategic planning, and have provided guidance on benefits that DEMA Members need, such as access to health insurance.  In addition, feedback from these sessions has influenced the direction of DEMA’s Water, Sports and Travel Festival staging in April of 2013. 
The 2020 Vision Session at DEMA Show is an opportunity to network and contribute to DEMA’s planning and execution of member programs.” All professional members of the diving industry are welcome and should come prepared to brainstorm, prioritize their ideas and help provide a new direction for the industry and for DEMA.  Show and session registration are required to attend the event.  Click here to register for the show.  Click here to RSVP to the 2020 Vision Session.