About DEMA

What is DEMA? 
The Diving Equipment and Marketing Association is a non-profit trade association. Monies earned through the industry’s participation in the annual DEMA Trade Show, along with sponsorships, and from DEMA Memberships, fund all of the activities and expenses of the association. Unlike for-profit organizations which typically raise money at trade or consumer shows or events and funnel it AWAY from the diving industry, DEMA channels proceeds earned TOWARD the diving industry including market and industry research, legislative issues, disaster assistance, marketing and PR programs, and other industry efforts, all for the benefit of DEMA Members. 

Business and trade associations like DEMA have several functions within the recreational diving industry. DEMA provides value to its members by seeking out ways to collaborate from within the Industry and though business outreach; DEMA promotes recreational scuba diving and snorkeling through PR activities, delivers educational programs for members and consumers, lobbies on behalf of the diving industry, and many other functions. DEMA is a (501 [c] 6) California Corporation. 

Worldwide trade association for the recreational diving and snorkeling industries; includes more than 1,400 member companies worldwide. 

Bringing businesses together to grow the Diving Industry worldwide.

Strategic Goals
  1. Build a community among DEMA members with a culture and environment that will produce valued relationships.
  2. Create worthwhile opportunities for DEMA members to share and exchange information and knowledge.
  3. Provide learning opportunities that are responsive to DEMA member needs and relevant to the changing dynamics of the Diving Industry.
  4. Be on the forefront of addressing the legislative and regulatory initiatives that affect the Recreational Diving Industry.
Strategic Objectives:
  • Engagement
    To provide a community culture in the Diving Industry through personal interaction. 
  • Industry Practices
    To model and foster an inclusive culture in the Diving Industry, sharing useful and successful practices originating from DEMA members and the Industry. 
  • Innovation
    The process of creating and delivering new value for DEMA members. 
  • Education
    Through a culture of engagement, provide relevant professional development along the continuum of careers and activities within the diving community. 
  • Resources
    To serve as a resource for the Diving Industry including:
    • Sharing useful and successful business and management practices
    • Research
    • Appropriate Standards
    • Creating opportunities for the DEMA community to advance personally and professionally through collaboration
Tactical Goals
  • Produce an annual trade event for the industry which serves the needs of its stakeholders and produces a successful financial outcome for the association.
  • Engage in marketing programs which promote non-commercial diving of all kinds, create new customers, drive consumers into retail stores and resorts, and promote customer retention.
  • Dedicate resources to preventing potential legislation which could adversely affect the industry.
  • Engage in marketing research programs which will:
    • Define the universe of divers.
    • Determine the rate of erosion among existing divers.
    • Determine the number of entry level scuba certifications which take place in the United States and Caribbean each year.
    • Seek opportunities to obtain global data on diver certification and participation.
    • Provide retail operational data.
  • Engage in activities which promote the health of aquatic resources while protecting diver access to those resources.

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